Wednesday, January 25, 2023

#453 • Icing On the Landscape


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It always amazes me what a good dump of snow does to a landscape. It ices it, like icing on a cake. Who invented icing on a cake anyway?

Covering cakes with powdered sugar or other materials were introduced in the 17th century. The icing was applied to cake then hardened in the oven. The earliest attestation of the verb 'to ice' in this sense seems to date from around 1600, and the noun 'icing' from 1683.

Icing On the Landscape • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $275

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

#452 • The Cirque Lit Up

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For those of us locals who live in Kingfield and ski Sugarloaf, the trip up Route 27 in the morning can be an exercise in patience if you're anticipating a great day of skiing. It can also be grueling depending on the weather. But most of the time it's a nice ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, hell, the northeast! It never gets old.

Route 27 from Kingfield meanders north alongside the Carrabassett River as it cuts through the Valley along groves of birch and tall evergreen, and stunning rock ledges that eventually open wide up to a panoramic view of the Bigelow Mountain Range. The road then closes down into the S-curves where it zig zags along the narrowing and now bonier and bolder-strewn river as a begins its steep ascent to its headwaters up in the Crocker Cirque.

This was a beautiful cloudless day. The road was still in the shadows of early morning as I approached the flats to the access road, when boom! there it was - Crocker Cirque all lit up by the morning sun like a million holiday trees. 

The Cirque Lit Up • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $275

Friday, December 16, 2022

#451 • The Big White Cometh

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So here we are finally. Waiting for the first big dump of the year. There's always a bit of electricity in the air. The sky starts to darken in earnest. We scream, why didn't I have my snow tires put on, or I shoulda, woulda, coulda bought some in the first place. We frantically search basements and sheds for buried snow shovels. We gather survival supplies like chocolate "just in case." Candles!

I decided to thrash this out before the great white sheet is cemented at our feet where it will stay until Memorial Day. A glimpse at the last bare landscape of the season - a soon to be memory of the life that was once a sea of green.

The Big White Cometh  • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to "12 x 12" • $275

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

#450 • Hide and Be Sought

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We play with it all summer.  Like a beach ball, we toss it up and over itself while we dance naked around a fire in wild abandonment, having been given permission to be primal and fiercely otherworldly. 

But come fall, we play another game with the moon. We slink through the darkness hiding from and dodging it's daggers of light - avoiding this persistent spy that seeps around the edges of drawn window shades. It's a game of-hide-and-be-sought we now play with the moon. To be caught is to give up to the brightest of white beams for all who can't be seen to see.

The Cool of the Moon • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $275

Monday, November 21, 2022

#449 • Thanksgiving Patchwork Quilt


Colors and the weather have finally cooled off. The greens are disappearing. The ice reappearing. It's a late fall patchwork quilt show for all of those coming home to the coast of Maine this year.

For us up here in the mountains, the snow has taken down that show and replaced it with it's own. I'm not ready to paint that one yet.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels out there!

Thanksgiving Patchwork Quilt • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $275

Monday, November 14, 2022

#448 • Trees Gone Bare

In this late fall landscape, now a patchwork of fields, hills and mountains dotted and covered with trees gone bare, I have seen the rational behind the structure of nature - the strength and stability of the old as it stimulates the free abandon of the new.

Monday, November 7, 2022

#447 • Just in Case


I painted this for myself to remember what the full moon looks like just in case it decides to stay eclipsed. It's election time - ya never know. 

Here you go - everything you need to know about tomorrow morning's lunar eclipse.