Thursday, June 27, 2019

#349 • What Appears To Be Peace and Tranquility • Isle au Haut

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We were anchored off Isle au Haut one beautiful summer afternoon - remember those? After a good long leg-stretcher on the island, we headed back down to the town float where the dinghy was tied, and came across these young folks fully entranced with something down under. All eyes were glued to one spot. Even big sister got in there for a look. The scene reminded me of my three brothers and I, but was the polar opposite of what our water excursions were like.

I was content to sit on the beach in my chair looking cool, the only big worry being not to let my tan go a shade lighter. My brothers, however and of course, tried to get into as much trouble as they could, but not on purpose. Trouble just seemed to be attracted to them - a magnetic pull they were born with.

Inevitably something would happen - a busted toe, the discovery of a dead horseshoe crab, the terror of a shark (dog fish) slithering around their legs, or a full on no-mercy mud slinging fight at low tide. Compared to those days, these kids looked pretty tame, sweet even.

I wanted to peek over their shoulders, but decided to leave them to their discovery and take this pic of what appeared to be a period of peace and tranquility. Sometimes it's more fun not to know what's really going on behind the scenes. It might be perfectly normal, or were they scheming to snag whatever it was to  hide it in their mother's apron pocket when she wasn't looking, or better still, under their other younger brother's pillow that night?

I'm sure adults were looking at my brothers and I the same way. God, they'd whisper, were they raised in a barn?

What Appears To Be Peace and Tranquility • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $250