Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SOLD - And So We Have Snow

It's begun to snow in earnest here on the coast of Maine. Though a heap of the stuff is never much fun for city dwellers, this time of year, nevertheless, makes most of us kids and elders wish for stupid things like a white Christmas. Kids want it for obvious reasons. The elder crowd can't shake Bing.

A wish for a white Christmas in Portland is to participate in a city-wide don't-bump-in-to-my-car-I'll-try-not-to bump-you-bumper-car competition. It's survival of the luckiest. As the potential to slide in to my neighbor's car, or as my neighbor slowly slides in to mine increases with every inch, I will try to relax and envision life on an island off the coast, where the only traffic issue might be a couple of sheep.

And So We Have Snow • 8" X 8" framed to 12" X 12" • $250

Monday, December 5, 2016

SOLD - Looking for Night

Eighty three percent of the people on this planet do not experience a night sky free of artificial light. Ninety nine percent of people in the US and Europe live in areas where a black night sky is tainted by artificial light. Astronomers call it "luminous fog." You and I can call it "light pollution.

When I hear debate about whether or not to preserve a large track of wilderness area, I think about the stats above.  Maine is lucky - we're blessed with massive areas of black sky. If you want to do something constructive with your money this holiday giving season, give to your local land conservation organization.

Looking For Night • 8" X 8" framed to 12" X 12" • $250