Saturday, July 20, 2024

#481 • Swans Island Walk

It was a rare sunny day and on our way down east we stopped off for a night in Swans Island. We rowed ashore for a quick walk out to the lighthouse after suppah to stretch our sea legs. The temps had moderated a bit and the flying bitey bastards hadn’t come out yet. You have to pick your windows of opportunity.

I saw this and immediately a scene so typically Maine island that I had to do a sketch on my iPad before I forgot the feeling.


Thursday, July 18, 2024

#480 • Fog In the Thorofare


Hopefully fog is on break for a while out there in the water. Been a busy spring and early summer playing in it. It's almost impossible to stay on course when you're in it unless all eyes stay put on the compass or GPS. But before it fully engulfs it can be fascinating to watch move around.

Making our way across Penobscot Bay, we had just come out of the fog in the Fox Island Thorofare. I looked behind us and saw a finger drifting across to Southern Harbor. Sketched it out on my iPAd. 


Sunday, July 7, 2024

#479 • Moods on the Coast


A fan sent me an email hoping that I had not expired because I had not posted a weekly painting since winter. I confess it was because I was busy with work and having too much fun skiing in between.

I don't paint while I'm on the boat. Sailing is a full time job. Besides, summer for me is time to get out there and explore the landscape for those magical thoughts that only appear when you're not thinking. I also take a lot of photos for winter time inspiration. Sometimes I even paint what I capture though there's no way I ever compete with Mother Nature.

So I use my iPAD to jot down thoughts. It's fun and easy and there's no clean-up, another issue when you're trying to conserve water. These are a couple of different moods I encounter out there, and there certainly have been many.