Sunday, July 7, 2024

#479 • Moods on the Coast


A fan sent me an email hoping that I had not expired because I had not posted a weekly painting since winter. I confess it was because I was busy with work and having too much fun skiing in between.

I don't paint while I'm on the boat. Sailing is a full time job. Besides, summer for me is time to get out there and explore the landscape for those magical thoughts that only appear when you're not thinking. I also take a lot of photos for winter time inspiration. Sometimes I even paint what I capture though there's no way I ever compete with Mother Nature.

So I use my iPAD to jot down thoughts. It's fun and easy and there's no clean-up, another issue when you're trying to conserve water. These are a couple of different moods I encounter out there, and there certainly have been many.


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