Monday, October 8, 2012

Coming into Fall

Once in a while I wax nostalgic for the way I see Maine in my mind. I'm still stuck on the farms I saw when I first came to Maine as a teenager one summer over 45 years ago. There was a farm stand my mother used to stop by almost daily to get fresh produce. I'd never seen anything like it before - we always got our veggies at the grocery store. I was struck with the romance of it all.  How special it was to be able to grow your own food - anybody could do it. Why didn't everybody do it I wondered? Of course I'd forget it all when I returned to Connecticut - glad to be back with my friends and the social life that was high school.

Since then I have had a garden whenever it could be worked out. I am still in awe of it all. I can't think of anything more incredible than picking my own veggie and eating it right there on the spot. Maybe it's the idea that the foot long carrot I am eating comes from a seed the size of a pin head.  Amazingly, these little seeds don't eat like we humans do. They just absorb whatever they can from the dirt they are planted in. If you have the same notion and look at a handful of dirt at the same time, you too might think it's a freakin miracle.

Coming Into Fall • 8" x 8" watercolor framed to 12" x 12"• $200

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