Monday, January 27, 2014

SOLD - Monochrome Cold

I have been forcing myself to go outside for a walk every day. When the landscape takes on that blueish gray monotone look, you know it's January, and you know it's damn cold out there. I think the subzero temps affect the colors of the landscape somehow, or maybe it's my eyeballs glazing over with a tinted protective anti-freeze.  Regardless, it happens and I call it Monochrome Cold.

Rising to the occasion, I haul out my ice cleats and100-year-old LLBean full length down coat. My TRAX won't work on this solid ice. Gail and Larry Warren have tried everything - they're big walkers up in Kingfield. They recommended the product below. It's the only thing that works, they both agreed, because these things penetrate solid ice:

As for my coat, it's totally out of date and way off every year's fashion color chart. But it works, and by the time I get wrapped up in it against the cold, no one can figure out who I am anyway. They just see an animated down sleeping bag with arms and legs.

Monochrome Cold • 8"x8"  watercolor framed to 12"x12" • $200

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