Monday, February 10, 2014

#151 The Cherubs of Poplar Falls

I've hiked into Poplar Falls many times, but several years ago I was in there one winter afternoon when they were frozen solid. A spectacular sight, I took some photos and figured one day I'd try a painting.

I'd been noodling the photos recently, and as I started this study I began to see cherub-like things fading in and out of the snow and ice. Maybe I just conjured them up looking for an angle, or perhaps they're memories of something that was there and visible to only believers. In either case, they are now part of the experience.

I've found there to be a fine line between what I see and what I remember, between what is true and what I imagine to be true. The cherubs of Poplar Falls reside in the blur between the two. And as has been their purpose throughout time, it's my guess they are there to protect, in this case, Poplar Falls.

The Cherubs of Poplar Falls • 8"x8" watercolor, graphite and gouache framed to 12"x12" • $200

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