Thursday, October 26, 2017

SOLD - The Drama Out There

Let's face it, we are a universe of drama. Stars are exploding, our very existence is ever expanding and morphing, and we as animals continue to evolve. We've gone through major drama in this country before. What's happening now is nothing new. At least right now, we're not hurling grenades and bombs at each other, literally anyway, unless you count gun violence which is referred to as an  "epidemic."

I take a drive around the countryside quite often to look at what the planet is doing. It takes my mind off what's happening in my own small life, in state and federal governments, and the world. I suppose we're entitled to throw a human volcano, earthquake, tornado or hurricane out there just like the planet does, but human drama is never a lesson in humility and place in the realm of things. Human drama is always ugly and mean and cruel. Will we ever learn - I hope so.

The Drama Out There • 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12"• $250

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