Thursday, September 22, 2022

#442 • Joan's View

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Although we feel the expansiveness of the ocean while we sail, there are times when, without the distraction of a good movie or even a lousy one, we need to look at or listen to something other than us. We begin to crave a way to get outside of ourselves. So when we have an opportunity to get ashore to stretch our legs, we take it. Sometimes it's a stroll through towns and villages. Other times it's tree bathing or testing our physical aptitude climbing up and through rock gardens.

This day we were invited by friends to walkabout a beautiful private Maine island. Joan's well worn path through old trees stands bent and reshaped by relentless winds, other worldly and beyond iridescent green moss beds, and boulders sculpted by ancient geological gods made us all realize we had been granted a special gift. Peace and a deep breath.

Joan's View • 12" x 36" acrylic on cradles birch • $850

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