Saturday, March 25, 2023

#460 • Embracing Mud Season

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There are two things that will help keep rural Maine from ever becoming fully civilized. Mud and black flies. These two elements are associated with spring. So there is actually no one calling spring a season up here. We call it mud season and then black fly season in that rapid order of appearance because when the mud fully thaws, out come the flies.

All of us have ways of dealing with these two seasons. We either don't come home from winter away homes too early, or we go into combat by leaving our snow tires on longer, wearing waterproof boots and full body mesh armor 24/7.

Today I think about maybe trying to embrace the upcoming mud season. It's already here, but will be in full bloom when the rain comes later in April. There's no good way to make it look beautiful out there, so I'm romanticizing here for practice, and maybe my own sure-to-be-tested sanity.

Embracing Mud Season 8 8" x 8" acrylic framed to 12" x 12" • $275

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