Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As you all know I spent some time recently in one of the sunniest spots on the planet. When I came home the gray skies were a nice change. Two days later, based on the weather forecast alone, I starting pounding down the Vitamin D to ward off a full blown depression. Last year's apparition made me forget what a real Maine spring is. I had forgotten that we don't have spring in Maine anymore - we go from three-foot snowstorms right into the Fourth of July.

I was already late with the garden, but drove to Kingfield to try to salvage the season anyway. The good news is it didn't start raining until later in the afternoon on Saturday, so I got the fruit trees weeded and fed. The bad news is that this is black fly season, and the climate for them is perfect this year.

On Sunday I planted strawberries in the rain. My butt ached from the day before and got soaked, and even after 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off with an ice pack the night before, my forearms were shot and of little use. Shoveling snow has nothing over shoveling shit. I couldn't lift a shovel that day if my life depended on it.

I'm posting a painting from sunnier times in hopes that it reminds you that spring is out there somewhere. Hang in there Maine and double up on your Vitamin D.

Rowing the Islands • 14" x 14" acrylic on paper framed to 18" x 18" • $450

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