Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joe's Gold Fish Pool

On one of my walks up here on the Hill, I go by Joe's gold fish pool. I enjoy hanging out there with a couple of neighborhood hoodlums - two cats who, like me, are there waiting for some action. I don't exactly know what I think I might see. I just count the fish. You never know. Joe says he hasn't lost any so far, but by the look of those two cats, the day will eventually come.

There was always a pool in that spot, but before Joe moved in it was a yucky, brackish, mosquito-breeding black hole to nowhere. He cleaned it out, built it up, added an aeration system, some lights and a bunch of exotic plants. It's a really special little place.

When the weather starts to cool off at night, Joe removes the fish and dunks them into a big tank in his apartment until next spring. You never know when he's going to make the move, so this time of the year I stop by more often. If Joe had visiting hours during the winter, I'd go - there's something very soothing about watching those six fish swim around.

Joe's Gold Fish Pool • 8" x 8" watercolor framed to 12" x 12" • $200

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