Monday, September 30, 2013

West Pownal Lily Pond

Sabrina and Steph hung a cool show at their most awesome cafe, Edna and Lucy's, this past weekend. A bunch of us artists were asked to do a locally inspired painting - frame size 14" x 14."

I don't travel much up in that area unless I'm gong to Edna and Lucy's for one of their homemade donuts or luscious lunches.  I decided not to consult a map, and after stopping for a sandwich and chocolate chip cookie (that I enhaled while waiting for my sandwich), I headed for parts unknown. I have no idea where I was, which later occurred to me was really stupid because though I had my cell phone with me and a AAA card, I would have absolutely no idea where to tell AAA to go to find me if I got stuck out there somewhere.

Anyway, it was a beautiful summer day and ended up being one hell of a great time. I drove all over the place for hours, lost, snapping photos here and there, and hanging out watching things happen.

I saw some ducks come out of a horse barn and head out to pasture with their "mother" horse in the lead, and a old farmer cutting wood in a far pasture with two horses looking over his shoulder like a couple of fellow codgers telling him how they would do it differently.

I saw a failing barn with a sign over the door that read "Raccoon Paradise," and another decrepit outbuilding with a sign that said something like "The Henhouse Hilton."

I spotted this beautiful pond sitting right next to a pretty boring strip of paved road somewhere in western Pownal.  I couldn't tell you where it was - I only stopped because I was looking for something to paint. On another mission I would have missed it entirely. The property around it was private so I couldn't figure out what that white rock at the far end was all about, or if in fact it was a white rock.

So thank you Sabrina and Steph for your great idea. I probably never would have taken the time off to get lost out there in your neck of the woods if it wasn't for this "assignment."  I'll remember that day for a very long time.

West Pownal Lily Pond • 9" x 9" framed to 14" x 14" • $300

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