Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#226 Tripping

I've been reading an odd but entertaining little book entitled Driving Mr. Albert by Maine author, Michael Patertini. It's a journal by the author about his time spent with Dr. Harvey, the guy who stole Albert Einsteins brain. The two of them drive across the country together with a couple of pieces of Einstein's brain floating in a Tupperware container full of formaldehyde stashed in the trunk of their car. Their mission is to meet with Einstein's granddaughter. The reason is never really fully discussed, nor is whether or not she will actually receive them.

This is my kind of non-fiction. It's also sort of like what it's been like for me driving around Maine this fall. I feel like I've had another brain in the car.

Have you ever been tooling down a road, with your head wrapped up in a thought experiment, when suddenly a piece of landscape up and hooks you by the corner of your eyeball and knocks you on to another planet with a - whoa, what was that? It's been happening a lot lately. The foliage has been unfurling distraction to the point of dangerous. We're all languishing in a kind of sense-saturated stupor. You start seeing things you've never seen before. It's reminiscent of a good old fashioned 60s shroom trip, except it's legal and you can still drive normally.

Sailing though the foothills the other day, I was caught by this sweet little snapshot through the trees. The colors are on the other side of brilliant now, but still a nocturne. That knobby knoll in the background? It really is shaped like that. And the trees in the foreground weren't really violet. They just appeared to be.

Tripping • 8" X 8" acrylic framed to 12" X 12" • $200

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