Monday, October 17, 2016

SOLD - Goldfish

A friend posted a photo of the new pink Goldfish packaging for "Princess" goldfish crackers on Facebook the other day. This is corporate America at its best. It will do anything to pump sales to girls, but not a whole lot to pump their mother's pay scale!

I don't eat these things, but was curious about them, so did a little digging and found out the crackers were invented by a man named Oscar J. Kambly in 1958, who launched them through his Swiss company called Kambly. It was just a puffed cheese-free fish-shaped cracker called a Goldfischli. They’re still available under their original brand in Switzerland. In 1962, Pepperidge Farm (now owned by Campbell's Soup Corp) founder Margaret Rudkin brought the recipe for the cracker back with her after a trip to Switzerland. Her company created Finn the goldfish as the mascot - no one knows why he wears sunglasses.

Goldfish • 8" X 8" acrylic framed to 12" X 12" • $250

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