Tuesday, November 6, 2018

#332 • Timepiece - It's Your Time

As boomers age, we seem to spend quite a bit time looking back. It's all about time. We are now over the halfway mark and are looking at less time ahead than behind. Some of the looking back is making sure we don't forget what we did, good and bad. Some of it is trying to reconcile behavior, good and bad, and maybe making amends if it's called for.

I think the Parkland students have reminded us of ourselves more than any other time since the anti war movement of the 60s. It forced us to look forward again. Many of us are parents and grandparents, so to some extent we are already doing that. But not enough.

When I was thinking about voting and how much I cherish the right and understand the obligation and responsibility in my old age, I remember there was a time I didn't. I didn't vote. I wasn't involved for a long time. I regret it now - it likely contributed to the challenges we as a country face today.

So to all, please vote. And to you young people out there, you don't want to have to look back and regret a time when you could have made a real difference. It's your time.

It's Your Time • 12" x 12" • mixed media framed out in floater frame • $350

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