Wednesday, November 17, 2010


One of the best things about living on Munjoy Hill is the Eastern Prom. It's a terrific little park with a trail that meanders along Casco Bay, attaches to Back Bay and beyond. You can stroll, ride or skate anything on it without a motor. The highlight each day is observing the parade of dogs and their owners - but that's another story.

The Prom is also a great excuse to pause now and again.  Remember pause? It's when you sit and just stare into space with no action going on between your ears. I forget to pause until I see someone else parked on one of the benches at the Prom in deep pause. They look so peaceful just sitting there.

The fancy word for pause these days is meditation which very few of us can do - it's too hard. But we were all kids once and we all knew how to get lost in space.  So that's what I do. I hearken back to a time when it was okay to simply pause for a minute. It's quite nice!

Pause • 8" x 8" • watercolor • SOLD