Thursday, November 30, 2017

#310 City Bling

Portland is getting the holiday spirit on - its bling.

 I can see the bling, but don't usually feel it because my annual
"do I really believe in all of this stuff" 
mind debate kicks in like clockwork every year
right after Thanksgiving.

But then, every year the internal war ends. In a draw.
Nothing wins, no one looses. 
 I simply walk out into the night, look up at the stars on the eve
and report to the universe that I believe. 
I don't know exactly what I believe quite yet - I'm only in my late 60s.
I just stand there small in comparison,
but big and brave in song and let it rip.


Then I go back indoors, climb into bed and forget the whole debate until next year.
It is a peculiar holiday tradition.

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